Install Office 2013 Free Trial

Kingsoft Office 2013 has two versions, Office Free 2013 and Office Professional 2013. Free version can be used completely free of charge for personal users, while Professional version has added some advanced features like VBA macro and saving as MS Office 2007/2010 document formats, and requires license fee. However, you can try the Professional version for 30 days. Here is how to install the free trial of Office 2013 Professional.

Step 1 Download Office 2013 Free Trial, and run the installation wizard.

office 2013 free trial install

Step 2 Press Next to go to License Agreement step. Tick the chekbox before I accept the terms of the Licenses Agreement.

office 2013 free trial install license agreement

Step 3 Press Next to Product Serial Number step. Select Trial.

office 2013 free trial install serial number

Step 4 Press Next and choose the components to install. By Default, all components are selected.

office 2013 free trial components

Step 5 Press Next and choose Installation Location and Start Menu Folder, and finally, press Install.

Kingsoft Office 2013 free trial version is successfully installed to your computer.