How to Create Custom Slide Shows in Presentation 2013

Define Custom Slide Show

In Kingsoft Presentation 2013, to customize the slide show to only display selected slides instead of the entire presentation, do the following:

Step 1 In the Slide Show tab, click Custom Slide Shows custom slide show. The Custom Slide Shows dialogue box will appear.

Step 2 In the Custom Slide Shows dialogue box, click New custom slide show.

Step 3 The Define Custom Show dialogue box will appear for you to select the slides you want to add to the custom slide show. Click Add to confirm the choices.

custom slide show

Figure 1 The Define Custom Show dialogue box

  • 1. To select multiple slides, select a slide, and then press and hold <Ctrl> while selecting other slides.
  • 2. To reorder the slides, select a slide in the Slides in custom show list. Click the arrow buttons to move the selected slides up and down the list.

Step 4 In the Slide show name box, enter a name

Step 5 Click OK to return to the Custom Slide Shows dialogue box.

Step 6 Click Show to preview the custom slide show.

Remove Custom Slide Show

To remove a custom slide show, take the following steps:

Step 1 Select Custom Slide Showscustom slide show in the Slide Show tab.

Step 2 In the Custom Slide Shows dialogue box, select the custom slide show you need to remove and click Remove custom slide show.

Step 3 Click Close when finished.

Tips: When removing a custom slide show, slides will remain in the corresponding presentation, but will no longer be marked as being part of a custom slide show.