How to Set Up Slideshow For A Kiosk in Presentation 2013

The presentation will play automatically when the slide show type is set to Browsed at kiosk. This type of slide show is appropriate for shows in an exhibition or conference where a speaker or presenter cannot control the slide show. This type of show is similar to Presented by speaker, but the flow of the presentation cannot be controlled with a mouse. To set the show type to Browsed at kiosk, take the following steps:

Step 1 Click Set Up Show browsed at kiosk in the Slide Show tab. The Set Up Show dialogue box will open and show as in Figure 1.

Step 2 In the Show Type section, select Browsed at a kiosk.

Step 3 In the Show slides section, set the range of the pages to be presented. All is the default option. See below:

browsed at kiosk

Figure 1 Browsed at a kiosk

Step 4 Click OK to complete the operation.

The browsed at a kiosk show type is similar to the presented by speaker show type. If the animations in the presentation are set to start when clicked, they will be unable to show. If the animations are set to start with the previous, then the next animations will start automatically.

Browsed at a Kiosk show types will loop continuously by default. To exit the show, simply press <Esc>.