How to Use Speaker Notes in Presentation 2013

Speaker notes in Kingsoft Presentation are notes added to the presentation slides as a reference for the presenter. When playing the presentation on a projector, the presenter can view the speaker notes but the audience will not be able to see them.

When you create the slide show, you can add important key points to each slide, so that when presenting the slide show, you or the presenter will follow these hints for a complete presentation. The presenter can also print these notes out as a handy material.

Add Speaker Notes

Under each slide, there is an area for you to add notes. Click the notes area to enter speaker notes. Or you can click the Speaker Notes iconspeaker notes to enter speaker notes.

Show Speaker Notes During the Presentation

Set the slide show in the Presented by a speaker mode, and when play the slide show, right click the slide and select Speaker Notes. Then the Speaker Notes windows will open in the middle of the computer screen(not the projector). See below:

speaker notesspeaker notes

Figure 1 Speaker Notes