Introduction on the Types of View Mode in Presentation 2013

Kingsoft Presentation provides multiple types of view mode to make it easier for the user to view and edit the slides in the presentation. The types of view mode include the normal view, slide sorter view, and slide master view. Each type of view mode has different features and is better suited towards the user under different circumstances.

Normal View

Normal view is the default view in Kingsoft Presentation. There are three panes in this view. The Outline and Slides tabs are on the left, where you can switch outlines and slides through the thumbnails.

The normal view combines the slide, outline and notes ribbons into one view. The Outline is used to view the outline. The Slides are used to preview the effects and to edit a single slide. The Notes pane is used to add and edit notes.

To switch to the normal view, click Normal normal view presentation in the View tab.

Slide Sorter View

To organize, review, rearrange, and set timing and transitions for your slides, you can use the slide sorter view. It is an exclusive view where slides are shown as thumbnails.

Steps to switching to the slide sorter view are as follows:

Step 1 Click Slide Sorter slide sorter view presentation in the View tab. Or click the Slide Sorter View buttonslide sorter view presentation at the bottom of the window.

Step 2 The slide sorter view will show as below:

slide sorter view presentation

Figure 1 Slide Sorter View