How to Print a Single Envelope Using Kingsoft Writer 2013

You might think using a word processor to print a single envelope is overkill. However, printing an envelope is similar to printing any other document. This tutorial will show you two ways to create and print a single envelope using Kingsoft Writer 2013.

During the whole process, please keep two things in mind:

1. Make sure that the document is designed in the correct size to contain the information that needs to be printed.

2. Match the settings on your printer to the size of the envelope that you are using.

When you connect your computer to the printer, Kingsoft Writer will automatically recognize the envelope settings of your printer. You can print envelopes either by changing the page to envelope size or through page scaling.

Method 1:

1. Click the Page Setup tab, then Settings->Page Setup. The Page Setup dialog box will pop up, as seen in the following:

Choose Page Setup under the settings list

2. Choose the Paper size option in the Page Setup dialog box. Click Envelope Monarch, and choose the envelope specification. (Note: the options are archived automatically by a Kingsoft Writer Program from the printer)

Choose Paper size under the envelope monarch list

3.Click OK. The page will be displayed in the relevant size, as shown in the following:

The page will be displayed in the relevant size

4. You can design the envelope cover after setting the letter size. After designing, press the Print button in the toolbar . After launching the Print dialog box, click OK and your document will print.

Launch the Print dialog box

Method 2:

1. Design the envelope cover on the page. After designing, click the Print button . The Print dialog box will pop up.

2. Choose the envelope print specification under Scale to Paper Size in the Print dialog box.

Scale to paper size


3. After choosing the envelope specification, click OK. Then your document will start to print.