How to Change Page Margin Units and Set Default Margins in Kingsoft Writer

Change Page Margin Units

The measurement units in Kingsoft Office are metric by default. If you'd like to change the page margin units from centimeters to inches, millimeters or points, please complete the following steps:

1. Open Kingsoft Writer 2013. Go to > to bring up the following dialog box:

select measurement units

2. In the Options dialog box, click General and Save tab. Select Inches from the Measurement units list.

3. Clear the “Use character units” check box and click OK to finish setting, as shown below.

change margin units

Set Default Page Margin

1. Go to Page Layout > Margins.

2. Change any of the top / bottom / left / right margin units as you like.

3. Click Default and a new dialog box will pop up. Hit OK and the default setting is done. See the following figure:

set default margins