How to Add or Remove Line Numbers in Kingsoft Writer 2013

Kingsoft Writer 2013 can count the number of lines in a word document and show the line number beside each text line. Similar to MS Word, this option can be of great help when you need to refer to specific line in a legal document.

Add line numbers

Go to Page Layout > Line Numbers. There are several options for you to choose when adding line numbers to word document.

Add continuous line numbers to text so that every line of the entire document will be numbered. In case you have divided the whole document into multiple sections, you need to press Ctrl+A before adding line numbers.

add line number to word document

Restart Each Page
Select this if you want to start with number 1 on each page.

Restart Each Section
Select this if you want to start with number 1 after each section break.

Line Number Options

add line number options in word document

Beside the above settings, you can also press Line Number Options to change Start at, Count by, and distance from text. For example, if you want to show line number every three line, you can set "Count by" as 3, so that only 3, 6, 9, 12...will be displayed.

After the settings are completed, press OK to apply them to the document.

Remove Line Numbers

  • · To remove line numers from the entire document, click Page Layout > Line Numbers > None.
  • · To remove line numbers from a single paragraph, click Page Layout > Line Numbers > Suppress for Current Paragraph.
  • · To remove line numbers from blank line, click Page Layout > Line Numbers > Do not Show Line Number for Blank Line.