How to Extract All Email Addresses in a Word Document in One Second

One day, your boss gives you a document and asks you to extract all the email addresses in it. The fact is, unfortunately, there are hundreds of email addresses mixed up in the text! So how can you complete this job? Will you check all the addresses one by one? Of course not. Let me tell you a quite simple and fast way to do it in one second. Take Kingsoft Writer 2013 as an example:

Step1. Press the shortcut Ctrl+F to bring up the "Find and Replace"panel.

bring up the find and replace window

Step 2. Type “[A-z,0-9]{1,}\@[A-z,0-9,\.]{1,}” in Find what (without double quotes). Then check “Highlight all items found in”, and click "More" to check “Use wildcards”.

input codes to find what box

Step 3. Click “Find all” and you will pick out all email addresses at one time. See the following:

email addresses are picked out

In this way, the work that may take you three days can be done in a second, improving your work efficiency and saving your time and effort.