How to Mail Merge Envelopes in Kingsoft Writer 2013

This guide is about mail merge envelopes, for mail merge faxes, see How to Mail Merge Faxes in Kingsoft Writer 2013.

Before using Kingsoft Writer Mail Merge feature to print envelope, you need to prepare two things:

1. One is a envelope template based on the size of envelope you'd like to print on. We have prepared more than 20 envelope templates of various sizes. Download envelope templates here, and save them in the program installation directory, like this C:\Program Files\kingsoft\Kingsoft Office\templates\1033\wps\envelope. See this guide for details: Guide for Word Templates in Kingsoft Writer 2013.

2. The other is a spreadsheet which contains the deilivery addresses.

data source spreadsheet for use in envelope mail merge

Follow these steps to create envelopes with merged data.

Step 1 Select New from Other Templates to open your envelope template.

new document  from other template

Step 2 Go to Reference tab, and click Mail Merge option to open Mailings tab. Click on Open Data Source under the Mailings tab to open your spreadsheet containing the addresses.

Step 3 Place your cursor where you want to insert delivery address, and click Insert Merge Field under Mailings tab. In the popup dialog box, double click the Delivery Address field, and then close the window.

insert mail merge field in envelope template of kingsoft office 2013insert mail merge field in envelope template of kingsoft writer 2013

You will see that «Delivery Address» is inserted to the envelope document. Use the same method to insert Return Address to the corresponding area.

Step 4 Click on View Merged Data to check each record. To view next merged data, press Next Record.

To export each envelope, click on Merge to Different New Document. You can also choose Merge to Printer to print the merged envelopes.

save envelopes to different new document after mail merge