How to Add a Table of Contents in Kingsoft Office 2013

When editing a document, sometimes a contents page is essential. Users can use Kingsoft’s automatically generated text feature or they can add a contents page manually according to their own needs.

How to manually add a table of contents

1. In the Section tab, click Contents Page to view the drop-down list, and click the Manual option.

create table of content in office 2013
2. The following content will appear on the document:

create table of content in office 2013
3. The generated content is a text field, and does not work like a hyperlink; users can manually change page numbers and titles. This method often causes the text to appear gapped because of the formatting and font adjustment.

How to automatically add a table of contents

1. The items on the contents page are used to display the contents of a directory or a line of text. Therefore, in order to automatically generate the contents page, we must first define the entries in the directory. If you click on the Section tab and then click the Contents Page drop-down list and select the Built-in template, you will receive an error message in bold that says “Error! Table of contents entries not found.”

2. It’s very simple to input data into the directory. Press Ctrl + F1 to bring up the task panel and choose Styles and Formatting from the drop-down list. Select the title of the article, bring up the Task panel again, select Styles and Formatting, and the the selected title will be defined as 1. Each subsequent title will then be defined as 2, 3, etc. See below for an example:

table of content style and formatting
3. When the data entry is complete, move the cursor into the document where you want to create the contents page. Click the Section tab-->Contents Page drop-down list -->Built-in. Choose whichever style you prefer.

4. The following picture shows the generated results:

automatically add contents page
5. Above only defines three levels of directory entries. If you want to display more levels, you can click the Contents Page drop-down list and after clicking the Insert Contents Page button in the dialog box, you can select or deselect Show page numbers and Right align page numbers. The function of showing page numbers is to automatically show the page where the directory entry can be found. The function of right-aligning page numbers is to enhance the appearance. Tab leader can be found in the same dialog box; you can click to bring up the drop-down list and make your selection.

edit table of contents
6. Next, hit OK. The contents page will be generated just like that, including page numbers. If you hold down the Ctrl key and click on an entry the page will automatically jump to the page where that entry is located.

Note: After defining the directory entries, you can also use the following method to add the contents page:
Under the “Section”tab click “Section Navigation.”In the pop-up Section Navigation window, you can choose the directory type, as shown below: