How to Insert Watermark in Document with Kingsoft Writer 2013

In Kingsoft Writer 2013, you can add watermark, either text or picture, to your document. We provide several preset text watermarks, which can be inserted directly into your document. Or you can also apply a picture watermark, for example, your company logo, or a custom logo/text.

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Add a Preset Watermark

Go to Insert > Watermark. Click the arrow to bring up the drop-down list, which includes Custom watermarks and Preset watermarks. The easiest way to insert a watermark is by clicking on one the of the preset watermarks, and the watermark will be shown directly in the document. If you have divided the whole document into sections, you need to right click on that preset watermark to choose where to apply the watermark.

apply preset watermark

Figure 1 Apply watermark to document

To edit a preset watermark, right click on the watermark to choose Edit Watermark, and save it to the custom list.

Add a Picture (&Text) Watermark

You can also add picture and text mixed watermarks, or simply picture watermark. Go to Insert > Watermark > Insert Watermark, and the following dialog box will pop up:

insert picture watermark to document

Figure 2 Insert a Picture Watermark

Step 1 You can tick the checkboxes before Picture watermark, or Text watermark, or both. Select a picture and set the Scale, Layout and Alignment for the picture watermark.

Step 2 For Text watermark, either select one from the drop-down list or type a new piece of text. Then choose other settings for the text.

Step 3 Finally, choose to apply the watermark to either the whole document or this section.

Step 4 Press OK and the watermark will be successfully inserted to the document.

See this in the following video:

Add a Custom Watermark

You can click Add button in the Custom watermark category to add custom watermarks. The following steps are almost the same with inserting Picture (&Text) Watermark in Figure 2. The only difference is that after pressing OK in the lower bottom of Watermark dialog box, the watermark is added to the Custom list.

Remove Watermark by One-click

You can delete watermark from your document by one click. Go to Insert > Watermark > Delete Watermark to remove watermark.

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