How to Set Custom Margin in Kingsoft Writer 2013

Follow tips in this article to create a custom margin in Kingsoft Writer 2013.

Create a custom margin for your document

Step 1 Open a document with Writer 2013 and go to Page Layout > Margins,

custom page margin writer 2013

Or, you can simply double-click on the top left corner to bring up the page setup dialog as follows:

page margin writer 2013

Step 2 In the above dialog, you can set custom page margins for your document, including Top, Bottom, Left, Right margins and Gutter settings.

If you need to change measurement units, click on the drop-down arrow to select the unit you desire (see Set Default Page Margin Unit). To change default page margin, see Set Default Page Margin.

page margin measurement

Change the margins of headers and footers

Step 1 Click View > Ruler, tick the checkbox before Ruler.

header footer margin

Step 2 Double-click on the header or footer area to show header and footer.

Step 3 On the ruler, drag the left/right margin marker on the top ruler to change the left and right margin. Drag the top/bottom margin marker to change the top and bottom margin of header and footer. Besides, you can also change the first line indent, right indent and hanging indent by dragging the markers on the top ruler.

header and footer margin