How to Create Tables and Use Intuitive Table Adjustment Tool in Writer 2013?

Inserting a table in a Kingsoft Writer document can be a lot easier than trying to insert text areas in a spreadsheet application. Creating tables of various sizes and styles in Writer is a skill that can be useful when financial or numerical information and written text need to be presented in the same document. Writer allows you to insert simple tables, pre-designed tables and complex, customizable tables in a document with little effort.

Here we’ll introduce the best way to create a table in Writer and one of the exclusive features: The intuitive table adjustment tool.

How to create a table?

The most consistent way to make a table in Writer is to use the grid on the Table button’s menu. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch an existing document in Writer.

Step 2: Move the insertion pointer to the location where you want the table in your document.

Step 3: Click the Insert tab.

Step 4: Click the Table button.

Step 5: Drag the mouse through the grid to create in your document a table that has the number of rows and columns you need for the table.

Insert tables in Writer

Step 6: As you drag the mouse pointer on the menu, the table's grid appears in your document.

What’s the Table Intuitive tool and how to use it?

The Table Intuitive tool is a tool that will help you insert rows or columns in a table quickly and conveniently.

After inserting a table in your Writer document, there will be two arrows appear when you move your cursor on the table, as seen in the follow picture:

Intuitive table adjustment tool

Move your cursor on the button, when it turns blue, you can drag mouse down to add one or more rows; the same situation for adding columns. You can easily drag the button. If you would like to change the height and width of rows and columns, you can drag the button.

Watch how to use this table adjustment tool in the following video: