How to Paste With Formatted/Unformatted Text in Kingsoft Writer

In Kingsoft Writer, copy and paste is very easy. Writer provides paste formatting options, which allows you to paste with formats or with text only. How do you achieve pasting with/without formatting in office documents? Here is a quick guide:

1. Copy some certain text with graphic, paste them in a blank document. 

2. Click the Paste Option button at the end of the line.

3. Kingsoft Writer offers three formatting options: Formatted Text, Matching The Current Format and Unformatted Text, as shown below:

paste options

If you select Formatted Text, pasted content will maintain the source text's format.

If you select Matching Current Format, pasted content will be in the format of the current text, at which the cursor is positioned.

If you select Unformatted Text, pasted content will be in plain text format without pictures and tables if the content you copy contains any picture or table.

Paste special

When you copy from certain source like the Internet or email client, you can get more paste options by selecting Paste Special.

Copy something from the Internet. In Writer, right-click the mouse and choose Paste Special. In the pop up window, you will see options like HTML Format and Unformatted Text. If you want to keep the source format, you can choose HTML Format. Please refer to the following picture:

paste special option

Set Default Paste Format

If you don’t want to choose format every time, you can set default paste format in Writer. Go to Writer > Options. In the pop up window, go to Edit and choose default paste format as shown in the following:

set default paste format