How to Move a picture, shape, text box, chart or WordArt in Writer 2013

When you add pictures, shapes, text boxes, chart or WordArt to Kingsoft Writer documents, sometimes you may find that they are unmovable. The inserted object can only be placed in line with text. This is caused by its default wrapping style, which is called In Line with Text. You can change it through following steps.

Change object wrapping style

Step 1 Go to Format Object.

To change wrapping style of the inserted object and make it movable, simply select the object and right click on it. In the prompt dialog, select Format Object.

format object to make it movable

Step 2 Change object wrapping style.

Change object wrapping style from In line with text to others. Simply select the style you want from the rest five styles. You can see the Horizontal alignment become available. However, you don't have to set the alignment. Press OK to close this dialog.

wrapping style of object in writer 2013

Step 3 Then you can drag and move your object freely in the document page.

Duplicate object

To duplicate an object, simply hold on Ctrl and drag the object to a new location to create a duplicated object. Try it yourself to see how easy this can be.