How to Set Keyboard Shortcuts for International Characters in Writer 2013

When you insert special characters, like latin characters or other symbols like em dash, trade mark and etc., you can use Symbol function in Writer 2013. However, if this character is quite frequently used, it is a little annoying to use this method again and again. The best way to solve this is to set a shortcut key for this character, so that you can simply use keyboard to insert it. Follow this article to set shortcut keys for international characters.

Insert Symbol

To insert international characters, go to Insert > Symbol. Click the drop-down arrow to open Symbol options, and Recently Used Symbols and Custom Symbols will show up. If the character you need to insert does not show here, press More symbols.

insert symbol

Add symbol to custom list

In the prompt dialog, select the one you'd like to specify shortcut key, and press Insert to Custom Symbols. In this example, we choose "À".


Set shortcut key for symbols

After you insert the symbols to the custom symbol list, click on Custom Symbols to view the symbol list. As you can see from the following screenshot, the international characters are successfully added.

Select "À" from the first column, and then go to Shortcut keys field. When there is no shortcut key specified, this field shows None. Place your cursor in this field and press two or more keys simultaneously on your keyboard, and the keys to press are separated by a plus sign (+). In this example, we press Ctrl, Shift and A, three keys simultaneously, and shortcut key is shown as Ctrl + Shift + A.

Then click on Specify Shortcut keys, and the shortcut we've just set is applied to the symbol.


For different cases of the same character, you can set different shortcut keys, or just use the same combination. In this example, we set the same shortcut key for "à", so when we press "Ctrl + Shift + A", "à" and "À" will show alternatively.