How to insert page number in word document with Writer 2013

For document that has multiple pages, it is a good idea to use page numbers to easily navigate through the document, especially for printed document. You can manually insert page breaks, set a different page format, and specify the starting page number for the current document as well.

1. Add page numbers to header or footer
2. Include Page or Page X of Y with the page number
3. Start page numbering from page 2

Add page numbers to header or footer

To add page numbers to header or footer, please follow there steps.

1. Go to Insert menu > Page Numbers, and click the drop-down menu of Page Number.

insert page number

2. You can choose from the different locations of page number on Header or Footer as follows:

insert page number to footer

You will see that the page number is inserted to the footer area, and the Header and Footer tab is active.

page number footer

3. Click on Modify page number to bring up the following dialog, in which you can set page number format, page number position and etc..

modify page number

Include Page or Page X of Y with the page number

To insert Page or Page X of Y, you need to use AutoText.

1. Under Header and Footer tab, find AutoText and click on it to select your desired format. Writer will insert the correct page number on each page of your document.

insert page x of y

2. To change the alignment of the page number AutoText, you need to go to Home tab, and change it here:

page number alignment