How to start page numbering from page two in Writer 2013

When you work on a word document with a title page in Kingsoft Writer, you don't want the first page to have a page number. Instead, you may prefer to start page numbering from second page. Follow these steps to insert page numbers from page two.

Note: If you are using a cover page, the cover page does not have a page number. So page numbering begins from the page after the cover page. In this case, you don't need to follow step 1. Simply take step 2.

Step 1 Hide page number on first page

1. Add page numbers to header or footer. In Header and Footer, click on Header and Footer Options.
2. In the prompt dialog box, tick the check box before Different first page, and Apply to This section.

different first page

In this way, page number will be hidden on the first page of your document.

Step 2 Specify starting page number

1. Double click on the header or footer area of the second page, and click on Modify page number.
2. In the prompt options, choose Apply to Below pages, and tick on Page number restart and set Page Number Start as 1.

page number restart

Press OK and you can see that the second page number has changed to 1.

Note: Please do not change the page number value by editing the page number directly. Changing the number by typing a new number causes all the pages to display the same number.

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