How to Insert Different Headers and Footers for Even and Odd Pages in Writer

Usually, headers and footers in a word document are the same on each page by default. However, for some double-side-printed documents, you need to set different headers and footers. In some books, the book title is placed on odd pages, while the chapter title is placed on even pages. In this case, it is also necessary to set different headers and footers.

Kingsoft Writer offers a special Header and Footer function to help you easily solve this problem. Follow this guide, you will know how to insert different headers and footers for odd and even pages in Kingsoft Writer 2013.

Step 1: Under the Insert tab, click Header and Footer. Then the Header and Footer Tab will appear in the tool bar.

Step 2: Under Header and Footer tab, click Header and Footer Options to bring up the Page Setup dialog box. In the Page Setup dialog box, check “Different odd and even” box and hit OK as shown in the following:

choose different odd and even in page layout

Tips: If you want to create a different header and footer for the first page, select the “Different first page” check box.

Step 3: The Header and Footer in your word document will change to Odd/Even Page Header and Odd/Even Page Footer. Enter a header in Odd Page Header, then click Switch Between Header and Footer on the tool bar, you will move to the Odd Page Footer to insert a footer.

insert header and footer for odd and even pages

Step 4: Click Next Header option to go to the Even Page Header, insert a different header from the previous one. Repeat the operation in Step 3 to insert a even page footer.

Step 5: Click the Close option to exit. Then different hears and footers are set.