How to Insert a PDF File into a Word Document with Writer 2013

See how to insert a file in .pdf format into your word document as an object. You can resize the object, but you can’t edit it after you insert it. You’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat or Abode Reader installed to see or read the .pdf files.

Now let’s go through the process of inserting PDF files into Writer 2013 for the PC. Overall, the process is pretty much the same when you inserting other files. So, I really only need to explain it once. To get started, click on the Insert tab on the interface.

Insert Object

At the far right, you will see the Object button. You’ll only be using this option if you are inserting a one page PDF file. For images, it’s slightly different and I’ll explain below. When you click on Object, you’ll get a dialog box and here you will want to click on the Create from File option.

Insert PDF from file

That’s about it. If you have to insert multiple images (after converting your PDF pages into images), then you click on Insert again, but this time choose Picture. Make sure you name the images in an order that matches the order you want them to appear in the word document.