How to Set Tab Stops to adjust document layout in Writer 2013

In Office 2013, you can use tab stops to adjust text layout. Follow this article to set tab stops, or clear them in Writer 2013.

Set tab stops by using the ruler
Adjust tab stop alignment
Add leader between tab stops
Clear tab stop

Set tab stops by using the ruler

Step 1 Select the text that you want to adjust layout. Or you can first set tab stop position and type the text later.

Step 2 Go to the horizontal ruler that runs along the top of the document, and click to insert left tab stops.

insert tab stop

Figure 1 Insert Left Tab Stop

If can not see the horizontal ruler in Writer, you can go to View tab and check ruler option.

set up ruler for tab stop

Figure 2 Enable Horizontal Ruler

Step 3 Place cursor in text where you want to insert tab stop and press Tab key in your keyboard. You will find the text is aligned according to the tab stop position.

Adjust tab stop alignment

There are four types of alignment for Tabs. You can change the alignment by double click on tab stops you've inserted to ruler and change it in the pop-up dialog. See following:

adjust tab stop position

Figure 3 Set Tab Stop Alignment and Leader

Decimal: Decimal tab stop aligns numbers around a decimal point. The decimal point in number of digits will be in the same position.
Left: Sets the left start position of text and the text will run to the right.
Center: sets the middle position of the text.Text centers on this tab stop position.
Right: Sets the right end of text.


1. You can delete a tab stop by dragging it (up or down) off the ruler. When you release the mouse button, the tab stop disappears.
2. You can also drag existing tab stops left or right along the ruler to a different position.
3. When multiple paragraphs are selected, only the tabs from the first paragraph show on the ruler.

Add leader between tab stops

You can add dotted leader between tab stops or other formatting marks, which can be selected in the Tab stop dialog (see Figure 3). Select the leader format you'd like to use and press OK to finish.

Clear Tab stops from text

Select the line of text that you want to clear tab stop. Double click on the tab stop you want to clear and the Tab dialog box will pop up (see Figure 3). In this Tab dialog, press Clear All to remove tab stops.

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