How to Create Indents in Writer 2013

Want to change the distance between a paragraph and page margins but in vain? Want to get text to line up with the line above but it just never comes close to? If you have met with similar problems, you are in the right place.

In Kingsoft Writer 2013, you can use tab stops, paragraph layout, and indent marker on ruler to adjust the indent. In this guide, we will show you how to use indent marker on ruler to adjust the distance between paragraph and page margins, and line up text.

There are three types of indented paragraph:

Left (right) indent: increase or decrease the left and right indentation of the whole paragraph.
First line indent: the first line of the paragraph is indented in order to differentiate from the previous paragraph.
Hanging indent: all but the first line of the paragraph is indented

left indent marker right indent marker

hanging indent marker first line indent marker

Create left or right indent

Step 1 Enable horizontal ruler in Writer. Go to View > Ruler to enable ruler.

enable ruler in writer 2013

Step 2 You will see indent markers on the horizontal ruler.

If you want to change the indent of multiple paragraphs, highlight the paragraphs first and then place cursor on Left Indent or Right Indent marker and drag it to a new place.

hanging indent in writer 2013

Figure 1 Left indent in writer 2013

right indent in writer 2013

Figure 2 Right indent in writer 2013

Note: When you drag Left Indent marker, First Line marker moves together with it. An easier way to change left indent is by clicking on Decrease Indent decrease indentor Increase Indent increase indent under Home tab.

Create first line indent

To create first line indent, the steps are similar with creating left and right indent.

Highlight the paragraph(s) you want to change first line indent, then click on First Line Indent maker and drag it to a new place.

first line indent in writer 2013

Figure 3 First Line Indent in writer 2013

Create hanging indent

In a hanging indent, the second and subsequent lines of a paragraph are indented.

Highlight paragraph(s) and click on Hanging Indent marker, then drag it to a new location on the ruler.

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