How to Create Chart in Document with Writer 2013

You can create a chart in document with the data in a spreadsheet file. The chart is edited in Kingsoft Spreadsheets.

To create a chart based on the spreadsheet data, take the following steps.

Step 1 In Writer 2013, go to Insert > Chart. Kingsoft Spreadsheets is opened automatically.

create chart in word

Step 2 In Spreadsheets, a default chart is displayed. The chart is based on the data in the selected area above the chart.

create chart from data

Step 3 To plot different data to the chart, you need to enter your own data in this workbook, or open an existing workbook. To select the new data, click to highlight the chart, and go to Chart Tools > Select Data. See below:

select data for chart

In the Source Data dialog, delete the data range data and then click the select data for chart button in Data range box.

select data for chart

Then on the worksheet that contains your data, hold Ctrl and select the data area (with the labels) you want to plot in the chart. Press Enter to finish.

select data for chart

The chart is plotted with the new data. Press Ctrl+S to save the spreadsheet file and the new chart is successfully inserted to Writer. You can close Kingsoft Spreadsheets and continue editing the document.