How to Set Different Margins for Different Pages in Kingsoft Writer

Some users have the need to set two different pages with different margins in the same document. With Kingsoft Writer, you can easily achieve this. Please follow this guide and learn office tips.

Let’s suppose that a file with 10 pages needs to set two margins, page 1-3 with one margin and page 4-10 with another margin.

Step 1. Put your cursor at the end of page 3. Go to Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page Section Break (see screenshot below). Then your cursor will move to the beginning of page 4.

go to next page section break

Step 2. Put your cursor at the beginning of page 1. Then go to Page Layout > Margins. Set the margin as you like. Select “Apply to this section”. See the screenshot below:

apply margins to this section

Step 3. Put your cursor at the beginning of page 4, repeat step 2 to set a different margin for page 4-10.

After the setting, you will see that there are two different margins in one document. Is it simple and amazing?


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