How to Insert Drop-Down Form Field in Kingsoft Writer

In Spreadsheet, it’s easy to create a drop-down list and input date efficiently. But how can achieve the same effect in Writer tables? Here is a guide to teach you how to insert drop-down form filed in Writer.

Step 1: Place the cursor in the cell and click the Drop-down From Field option under Insert tab. Then a gray area(form field) will appear in the cell.

create drop down form field

Step 2: Double click the gray field to bring up the Drop-Down Form Field Options dialog box. Click Add in the Item in Drop-down list box to enter and edit relevant information. Then check the Drop-down Enabled box.

drop down form field options

Step 3: Copy the already-set form field to other cells in this column. Select Protect Form button, cells without form field will be locked. Now, when click the cells with form field, you will see a drop-down list.

set protect form


1. When you turn to edit other cells without form field, you have to click the Protect Form button again to set the locked cells free to be edited.

2. When the form field is created, there will be gray shading in the cell, which will appear when printing. To remove the shading, just click the Form Field Shading button as shown:

remove form field shading

See the above steps in the following video: