How to Set Different Page Orientation in Kingsoft Writer

In some special cases, people need to set different page orientation in one document. With simple page break setting in Kingsoft Writer, you can easily achieve this. Now follow the tutorial to get more office tips.

For example, there is a file with 3 pages. You want to set page 2 to landscape orientation while the other 2 pages stay portrait orientation.

Step 1: Put your cursor at the end of page 1. Go to Page Layout > Breaks > Next Page Section Break (see screenshot below). Then your cursor will move to the beginning of page 2. In this way page 1 and page 2 are break into two sections.

set page section break

Step 2: Put the cursor at the end of page 2, repeat step 1 to break page 2 and page 3. Then you can begin to set different page orientation.

Step 3: Put the cursor at any place of page 2. Go to Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape. Then you will find page 2 is in landscape mode while the rest pages maintain the portrait page orientation. See screenshot:

set different page orientation

Note: If there are too many lines in page 2, when you change page 2 to landscape orientation, there may not have enough space for all lines, then page 2 will turn to 2 pages. The two pages will have the same page orientation.