How to Insert Column Break to Document Using Writer 2013

In Writer 2013, if you have formatted your text in columns, the text will flow automatically from one column to the next. However, you can also insert column breaks manually, so that text after the break will flow to another column.

Create Columns

Step 1 Open a document in Kingsoft Writer 2013

Step 2 Under 2013 interface, go to Page Layout > Column and select number of columns you'd like to divide to text to.

insert column

For example, select Two from the Columns list. The text will be divided into two columns.

Insert Column Break

Step 1 Place your cursor where you want the column to break.

Step 2 Under 2013 style interface , click Page Layout > Breaks. A menu with options will appear; click Column Break. Under Classic interface go to Format > Columns to choose column number in the pop-up dialog.

insert column break

Under Classic interface, go to Insert > Break > Column Break.

insert column break in classic interface

After inserting column breaks manually, the text in the document shows like this:

insert column break