How to Show / Hide Editing Marks in Documents Using Writer 2013

In Writer 2013, you can show / hide editing marks in documents. Follow these steps to turn on and off the editing marks.

Show/Hide Editing Marks

Step 1 Open the document using Writer 2013.

Step 2 Under 2013 style interface, go to Home tab > Show/ Hide Editing Marks. This will allow you to toggle whether editing marks are hidden or revealed.

show editing marks in word

Under Classic interface, go to View > Show Paragraph Marks.

show paragraph mark

Editing marks include not only paragraph marks, but also other marks like tabs, space, column break, page break and etc. You can select whether to show these marks.

Select Formatting marks to show in document

Under 2013 style interface, go to Writer > Options. In the pop-up dialog box, select View tab on the left. In Formatting marks options on the right, select the marks you want to show in the document.

show or hide formatting marks

Under classic interface, go to Tools > Options to open the above Options dialog.