How to Convert DOCX Format Document to PDF

To convert .docx document to PDF, you can install Kingsoft Office Free 2013 to convert .docx to PDF for totally free.

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Convert .docx document to PDF

Step 1 Open the .docx document with Writer 2013.

Step 2 Under 2013 style interface, go to Writer > Save As > Export to PDF.

export to pdf tab

Under Classic interface, go to File > Export to PDF.

Step 3 The Export Adobe PDF File dialog will pop up. In this dialog, you can choose the location to save the PDF file, and select other information to be included in the PDF.

docx to pdf

Click on the Permission settings to set permission for the PDF. You can set a password to protect the PDF. In this way, the PDF is protected from editing, copying or printing.

docx to pdf

Press OK and the .docx file will be converted to PDF.