How to Restrict Formatting Editing in Writer 2013

In the latest Kingsoft Office 2013, you are allowed to set Restrict Editing permission for a document, so that others can only edit a specified range of content in it.

Take the following steps to restrict permission to edit documents in Kingsoft Writer 2013.

Set restrictions on editing

Step 1 Open a document with Kingsoft Writer 2013
Step 2 In 2013 style interface, go to Review tab > Restrict Editing . In Classic interface, go to Tools > Restrict Editing.

Step 3 In the pop-up Restrict Editing Panel on the right, select the check box before Limit formatting to a selection of styles. Click Settings button.

Figure 1 Restrict editing of formatting

Step 4 The following dialog pops up after pressing Settings button. In the left style list, choose the styles you'd like to prevent from editing (hold Ctrl to select multiple styles), and then click on Limit. You will find that the selected styles are moved to the restricted style list on the right.

formatting restriction

Figure 2 Add styles to restriction list

Press OK to apply the changes. The following dialog will prompt for you to remove formatting that are not allowed. If you do not want to remove the formatting, press No.

remove restricted formatting

Figure 3 Choose whether to remove formatting

Step 5 In the Restrict Editing panel, click Start Protection button. Then in the Start Protection dialog, enter password and press OK.

start protection start protection

Figure 4 Start Protection with password

All is done. The restricted formattings are no longer shown in the toolbar, and other will not be able to apply Heading 1, Heading 2, and Heading 3 to the document text.

Remove restrictions on editing

To remove restrictions on editing, simply go to Restrict Editing panel on the right, and click Stop Protection button.