How to Change the Author Name for Documents in Writer 2013

Every time you create a new document, Kingsoft Writer will attach the author information to the document according to your settings in Writer Options. This name also appears in comments and tracked changes. To change the author name, simply follow these steps.

Change author name for new documents

Step 1 Launch Writer 2013 and go to Writer > Options.

Step 2 In the dialog that prompts, select User Information on the left. And on the right window, change the author name. You may also change Initials and Mailing address here.

change author name

Step 3 Press OK to finish.

Change author name of existing document

To change the author name of existing document, you may follow these steps.

Step 1 Open an existing document with Writer 2013.

Step 2 Go to Writer > File Information > Properties.

change document properties

Step 3 In Properties dialog box, change author name to another one.

change author name


Changing author name in document property will not affect the author name in newly created document.