How to Create a Drop Cap in Writer 2013

Drop caps are often used in formal articles, especially newspaper articles. Kingsoft Writer offers this function for your convenience. To insert or cancel a drop cap, follow these steps.

Create Drop Cap

Step 1 Place the insertion point where you want to insert the drop cap.

Step 2 Under Classic interface, go to Format > Drop Cap. Under 2013 interface, go to Insert > Drop Cap.

insert drop cap in writer 2013

Figure 1 Insert Drop Cap

Step 3 In the Drop Cap dialog that pops up, choose a position to place the drop cap letter.

insert drop cap position

Figure 2 Drop Cap settings dialog

Step 4 Select a font for the Drop Cap. Besides, you can set Lines to drop and Distance from text as well.

Lines to drop: Choose the number of lines that the drop cap will occupy.
Distance from text: Set the distance between the drop cap and the text.

drop cap options

Figure 2 Drop Cap settings

Please note that the unit for Distance from text is "mm", and you can select another measurement unit from the list. Also read: How to Change Page Margin Units and Set Default Margins in Kingsoft Writer

Step 5 Press OK to finish. If you'd like to change the drop cap effect, simply go through the above steps again.

Cancel Drop Cap

To cancel the drop cap, place the insertion point where you want to cancel the drop cap paragraph. In Drop Cap dialog box (Figure 2), select None, and click OK.