How to Apply Double Space to Paragraph in Writer 2013

In Kingsoft Writer 2013, there are two methods to change paragraph line spacing. Follow this article to change the line spacing to double lines in your document.

Change to double line spacing using Line Spacing button

No matter you use Classic or 2013 style interface, you can take the following steps to apply double line spacing easily:

Step 1 Open an existing document in Writer 2013.

Step 2 Select the paragraph you'd like to apply double spacing. Don't select any paragraph if you want to apply double spacing to the whole section or document.

Step 3 Click Line Spacing button in the toolbar and select 2.0 from the drop-down list. The line spacing is successfully changed.

change double line spacing in writer 2013

Change to double line spacing under Paragraph Layout tab

Step 1 Select the paragraph(s) you want to change line spacing.

Step 2 Click Paragraph Layout button which appears to the left of the selected paragraph(s). This will open the Paragraph Layout tab in Writer.

change double line spacing in writer 2013

Step 3 Under Paragraph Layout tab, enter the number of "2" in Line Spacing box and press Enter. See below:

change line spacing to double in writer

The line spacing of the selected paragraph is changed to double line.

While you are writing, there will be a paragraph layout button double spacing on the left, in the same line with the mouse cursor, click to select the paragraph that you want to change spacing. line spacing

2. A new panel of Paragraph layout will appear in the tool bar.

3. In the Paragraph Layout tab > Line Space group, there is option for tight spacing and loose spacing. Click either one and then click "+" to increase line spacing to double lines. If you would like to use customized line spacing, you can enter the number in the line spacing box.