How to Cut, Copy and Move Text or Objects in Writer 2013

When dealing with text document, Cut, Copy, Move and Paste are most frequently used operations. To use these functions in Writer 2013, please follow the steps in this guide.

How to cut to clipboard

To cut text or an object, simply select the text or object(s), then choose one of the following methods:

1. Click Cut option on the Home tab
2. Press <Ctrl+X>
3. Click the right mouse button and select Cut on the context menu.

How to copy to clipboard

You can do one of the following to copy text of objects in the document.

Select the text or object(s) you want to copy, then: 

1. Click Copy under the Home tab
2. Press <Ctrl+C>
3. Click the right mouse button and select Copy on the context menu.

Moving and copy-pasting text or objects

To move text or object(s) to a new location, simply select the text or object:

select text using the mouse

then hold Ctrl key from keyboard and at the same time drag the selected content to a new location. Release the left mouse button to complete the operation. See following:

move text to a new location

To paste the content which has been copied or cut to specified location, do one of the following:

Place mouse cursor to a desired location, and then:

1. Press <Ctrl+V>
2. Right click in the new location and select Paste on the context menu
3. Click Paste under Home tab.

You can also use Paste Special to paste with or without formats. See How to Paste with Formatted or Unformatted text in Writer.