How to Use Format Painter in Writer 2013

Kingsoft Office programs offer a convenient way to copy formatting from here to there. This feature is the Format Painter. It is most useful in Kingsoft Writer, which mainly deals with word document with a lot of formatting.

Format Painter is a great tool for saving your time and efforts. You can use it to quickly apply font, font size, paragraph line spacing, text alignment and many other formatting to selected content with the same formatting of existing text. You will never have to repeat manually applying the formatting.

Use format painter

Step 1 Place the cursor on the text or object that you want to copy the format of.

Step 2 Click Format Painter format painter under the Home tab.

Step 3 The cursor will change into the format painter shape format painter.

Step 4 Move the cursor to the text or paragraph that you wish to change the format of, and select it.

Tip: If need to use format painter continuously, you can double click the Format Painter button format painter , and then select each word, phrase, or paragraph you want to apply formatting to. When you're finished, press ESC.