How to Insert Enclose Characters in Writer 2013

Although Kingsoft Writer provides a lot of pre-defined special symbols, there often comes the need of inserting shapes with characters enclosed. Kingsoft Writer provides the feature of Enclose Characters to help you insert such symbols.

To insert enclose characters, follow these steps.

Step 1 Launch Writer 2013 and create a document.

Step 2 Under 2013 style interface, go to Home tab and click the drop-down arrow beside Phonetic Guide and select Enclose Characters.

enclose character in writer 2013

Step 3 In the Enclose Characters dialog that pops up, choose a style for the enclose character, enter the character and choose a shape.

enclose character writer 2013

Style: There are three options. None means no special shape will be added to the character. Shrink text means you will get a small enclosed character, and Enlarge symbol means you will get a larger enclosed character.

Enclosure: Type the character you want to apply enclosure effect, and choose a shape from the list. You can type two characters at most.

Press OK to finish. See characters with different enclosure shapes and styles below:

insert enclose character

Tips: Despite enclosed characters look different from normal characters, you can apply any font formatting, style, alignment and etc. to enclosed characters just like you do to normal text.