How to Make Underline Keep Away From Text in Writer 2013

As a general rule, sometimes when we need to underline some words, we usually click Underline in writer 2013 ,and then it seems that nothing can change more. But have you ever thought that whether the distance between text and underline can change? Could the underline be farther from the text?

The answer is yes. And here is the way:

For example the text is "I ♥KSO"

Step 1 Type one space before and after the words, then select the words with this two spaces and underline them.


Step 2 Then, you need to select the words again, but without the two spaces this time. Then click the right mouse, select Font. In the box, under "Character Spacing", you change the "Position "option to "Raised", and enter the specific number you want, here we enter 6. Click OK to finish.

underline space

After above operation, you will get this:


Maybe you don't use this function often in your work, but it may give you inspiration in some other aspects, at least we hope so.