How to Set Character Scaling Using Writer 2013

In Writer 2013, you can adjust character scale, character position and character spacing for text. To change these settings you can use the following methods.

Adjust character scaling 

If you are using 2013 style interface of Writer, you can adjust character scaling easily using Character Scaling feature. Take the following steps to use character scaling.

Step 1 Select the text you want to change character scaling.

Step 2 Go to Home tab > Character Scaling. Click the character scaling option to open the drop-down menu. Select Character Scaling from the drop-down menu and choose one scaling from the sub-menu.

character scaling

Step 3 If you want to apply other scaling or adjust character spacing and position, you can choose More... from the Character Scaling sub-menu list. Or, you can just right click on the selected text and choose Font option from the context menu. You will see the following dialog pops up:

character spacing

Figure 1 Set character scaling

As shown by the figure, you can adjust the Scale, Spacing, and Position of a character in the Character Spacing menu. Then press OK to finish.

Tip: If you want to make these settings as default, simply press Default to apply the changes to Normal template.

Combine characters

Writer allows you to combine more than one characters to one character size. To use this feature, take the following steps.

Step 1 Under 2013 style interface, go to Home tab > Character Scaling > Combine Characters. The Combine Characters dialog will pop up.

Step 2 In Combine Characters dialog, enter less than 6 characters in the text field, choose font family and its size.

character spacing

Figure 2 Combine Characters

Step 3 Press OK to finish.

Two lines in one

Step 1 Under 2013 style interface, go to Home tab > Character Scaling > Two Lines in One. The Two Lines in One dialog will pop up.

character spacing

Figure 3 Two Lines in One dialog

Step 2 Type the text you'd like to show, and choose a bracket style (optional).

Step 3 Press OK to finish. You will get the following:

character spacing

Figure 4 Two Lines in One