How to Add Outline Numbered List in Writer 2013

Outline numbering is often used in legal document or similar, with multi-leveled content. To use outline numbering in Writer 2013, follow steps in this guide.

Add Outline Numbering

Step 1 Choose More Numbering in the Numbering drop-down list under the Home tab.

Step 2 Select the Outline Numbered tab, as shown below:

add outline number list writer 2013

Figure 1 The Outline Numbered tab

Step 3 Choose the desired list format. To use the Customize button, select a custom format then click the Customize button at the right bottom of the Outline Numbered tab.

Step 4 Set outline numbering in the Customize Outline Numbered List dialog box.

add outline number list writer 2013

Figure 2 Customize Outline Numbered List

Step 5 Click OK to complete the process.

Step 6 Insert list item and press the Enter key after each entry.

Step 7 Place the insertion point after the list item, then press Tab or shift+tab. The list item can then be adjusted to an appropriate level:

outline number list writer 2013

Figure 3 Outline numbered text