How to Use Styles in Document in Writer 2013

A style is a collection of formatting instructions that you can use repeatedly throughout the document to improve efficiency and presentation. In Kingsoft Writer 2013, you can use styles to make your document more professional.

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Use a Style

To use a style:

Step 1 Position the cursor in the paragraph whose format you want to change.

Step 2 Click the arrow of the Settings icon at the end of the Home tab. The Styles and Formatting task window will open and show as below:

Figure 1 The Styles and Formatting task window

Step 3 Kingsoft Writer lists the main styles in the Style and Formatting task window. When you select one of them, that style will be applied to the paragraph in which the cursor is located.

Tips: It is quicker to select the style you like by clicking it on the Home tab. If you do not see the style you want, click the text style in writerbutton to expand the Style library.