How to Create and Modify Styles in Writer 2013

Kingsoft Writer 2013 allows you to create new styles and modify existing styles. Follow this guide to create a new style, and modify existing styles.

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Create a new style

The steps to creating a new style are as follow:

Step 1 Click the arrow on the New Style icon new style in writer in the Home tab and choose the New Style option. The New Style dialog box will open. You can also click New Style in the Style and Formatting task window to open the New Style dialog box:

new style in writer 2013

Figure 2 The New Style dialog box

Step 2 Enter the style name in the Name option.

Step 3 Click the Format button and open the drop-down list. There are six formatting options: Font, Paragraph, Tabs, Border, Numbering, and Shortcut. You can choose any one of them to set the style.

Step 4 Click OK to complete the operation.

Step 5 The new style will appear in the Styles list presented in the Home tab.

Modify existing styles

If you are not satisfied with the default style or the style you have customized, you can modify it by the following steps:

Step 1 Click the arrow on the Settings icon at the end of the Home tab. Choose the Styles and Formatting option and open the Styles and Formatting task window.

Step 2 Select the style that you want to modify in the Pick formatting to apply section, and then choose the Modify option in the pop-up menu by right-clicking:

modify style in writer 2013

Figure 4 The shortcut menu

Step 3 Open the Modify Style dialog box:

modify style in writer 2013

Figure 5 The Modify Style dialog box

Step 4 If you want to check and modify more options, select the Format option from the dialog box and modify any options you like.

Step 5 Click OK to close the dialog box.

Tip: If you modify the style by the Styles and Formatting task window, all other documents in the same text style will also be modified.