How to Apply or Delete Styles in Writer 2013

When using Kingsoft Writer to edit your document, you can apply styles to text and delete existing styles. Follow this guide to apply a style or delete styles.

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Apply a style

There are two ways to apply a style:

Step 1 Click the style that you prefer presented in the Home tab.

Step 2 Open the Style and Formatting task window and simply click the style you prefer in the Pick formatting to apply list. It will be applied.

Delete a style

To delete a style, select Delete option in the shortcut menu as shown in Figure 1.4-4. However, the style that comes with Kingsoft Writer cannot be deleted.

You can directly use the Styles and Formatting task window to set the document format. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 Position the insertion point in the text whose style you wish to change.

Step 2 Open the Styles and Formatting task window by choosing the Styles and Formatting option in the drop-down list of the Setting icon:

style and formatting

Figure 6 The Styles and Formatting task window

Step 3 Select the style that you want to modify in the Pick formatting to apply section. Choose Delete in the pop-up menu by right-clicking and you can delete the user-defined style.