How to Use Style Reference Field in Writer 2013

Writer 2013 allows you to insert StyleRef field into header and footer, so that the headings will be shown in header or footer of each page.Take the following steps to use StyleRef in Writer 2013.

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Style Reference Field

To use style reference Field:

Step 1 Select the Header and Footer icon in the Insert tab to edit either the document Header or Footer.

Step 2 Move the cursor to the position where you want to insert the StyleRef.

Step 3 Click the Fields icon in the Insert tab. The Fields dialog box will open and show as follows:

style reference field

Figure 1 The Fields dialog box

Step 4 Select StyleRef from the Field names drop-down list; choose a style in the Field code such as Heading 1.

Step 5 Press OK to finish. The inserted field will be in the Heading 1 in reference to the dynamic content displayed on each header or footer.