How to Insert Tables in Writer 2013

Tables in Kingsoft Writer are made up of multiple rows and columns, in which you can insert items such as text, numbers, and graphics in order to help you carry analysis more quickly and present information more conveniently.

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Insert tables from the toolbar

To insert a table using the Toolbar:

Step 1 Position the insertion point where you want to insert the table.
Step 2 Click the Table icon under the Insert tab. The Insert Table drop-down list will open and show as in figure 1.

Step 3 Move the cursor to draw a table to whatever dimensions you like. Kingsoft Writer automatically adjusts the number of rows and columns of the table according to the position of the cursor as the width and the length of the table increases or decreases:

specify elements of table

Figure 1 Specify the number of rows and columns in a table

Step 4 Release the mouse when you are satisfied with the dimensions of the table.

Draw a Table

To draw complex tables, follow these steps:

Step 1 Select Draw Table option in the Table drop-down list. The mouse point will be changed into a pen.

Step 2 In the editing area,drag the mouse to draw a table in the size and shape that you need. When you are satisfied, release the mouse.

draw table in writer 2013

Figure 2 Draw table border

Step 3 A Table is inserted into the document. If you want to add new columns of rows into the table, just use the mouse (which is in the pen shape) to draw lines with the table. You can draw horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines within the table.

Step 4 After you have finished drawing your table, click Draw Table option from Table drop-down list again, or click draw table option option from Table Tools tab. This will revert the mouse back to its normal shape.

Note: To erase certain lines in the table quickly, you can use Eraser erase line in table option under Table Tools tab. 

Insert tables using the dialog box

To insert a table using the dialog box:

Step 1 Position the insertion point where you want to insert the table.

Step 2 Go to Insert tab > Table, and select the Insert Table option in the Insert Table drop-down list to open the dialog box as follows:

insert table option

Figure 3 The insert table dialog box

Step 3 Enter the number of rows and columns you want and choose the appropriate column width.

Step 4 There are two options in the AutoFit behavior section:

  • 1. Fixed column width: column width becomes an exact value that can be specified in the adjacent numerical scroll-through list.
  • 2. Auto column width: the width of the columns is the same as the width of the page.

Step 5 Click the OK button to complete the insertion of the table.