How to Add Logos in Header or Footer of Document in Writer 2013

Company logos in the header or footer of a document can contribute a lot to the publicity. The readers who read your documents which has a nice company logo will get a deep impression about your company. In this article, we will show you how to add logos in header or footer of document using Writer 2013.

Step 1 Open the document with Writer 2013.

Step 2 Go to Insert tab, and click Header and Footer.

Step 3 The Header and Footer tab will appear. Under this tab, choose Picture, then select the picture you need in local files, finally insert it.

add logo to header and footer of Writer 2013

Step 4 After inserting the picture, you can select the picture, and change its settings under the Picture tab.

After above, you will get a page with company logo like this:

 add logos in header or footer