How to Crop Pictures in Documents with Writer 2013

Sometimes the inserted pictures does not match the design of your document, and in this case, you can crop the picture to use only part of it. You can either crop picture manually or use the picture format dialog box.

Crop a picture by the dialog box

Step 1 Right-click the picture that you want to crop, select the Format Object option in the context menu, and open the Format AutoShape dialog box.

Step 2 Go to the Crop from section under the Picture tab of Format Object dialog, enter values into the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom text box to crop the picture by the desired size.

Step 3 Click the OK button when finished.

crop picture in writer

Figure 1 The picture tab

Crop picture manually

Step 1 Select the picture that you want to crop.

Step 2 Select the Crop icon in the Picture Tools tab. 8 handles will appear surrounding the picture, shown below:

crop picture in writerFigure 2 The control handles

Step 3 To crop the picture horizontally or vertically, move the cursor to any of the four handles on the side of the picture. To crop the picture along the diagonal direction, move the cursor to any of the four handles in the four corners of the picture. The cursor will automatically transform into a double-sided arrow facing opposite directions.

Step 4 Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the re-sizing direction, a dashed box will appear indicating the potential amount of the picture that will be cropped.

Step 5 Release the left mouse button when satisfied.