How to Add 3D Effect and Shadow to Objects in Document Using Writer 2013

When you insert objects in Writer 2013 document, you can add special effects like 3-D effect, shadow effect and apply a shadow color to the object. Follow this article to apply these effects to objects in Writer 2013.

Add 3-D effect to object

You can add 3-D effect to an object by the following steps:

Step 1 Select the object.

Step 2 Click the 3-D Effect icon in the Formats tab.

Step 3 Choose the preferred 3-D style.

Set up the shadow of picture and object

The steps to set shadow are as follows:

Step 1 Select the picture or object.

Step 2 Click the Shadow Effects icon in the Picture Tools tab when adding shadow to a picture, and click the Shadow Effects icon in the Formats tab when adding shadow to a object. Select the preferred shadow style.

Step 3 To adjust the direction of the shadow, select the Nudge Shadow Up, Nudge Shadow Down, Nudge Shadow Right, Nudge Shadow Right icons:

add shadow to objects in writer 2013

Figure 1 The nudge shadow icons

Step 4 The functions of the four nudge shadow icons:

  • 1. Nudge Shadow Up: to move the shadow up.
  • 2. Nudge Shadow Down: to move the shadow down.
  • 3. Nudge Shadow Left: to move the shadow to the left.
  • 4. Nudge Shadow Right: to move the shadow to the right.

Set the color of the shadow

To change the color of a shadow:

Step 1 Open the Picture Tools tab when with a picture and the Formats tab when with a object, and select the arrow beside the Shadow Color icon. Choose More Shadow Colors option in the opened drop-down menu. You can then select any color that you like from the Colors dialog box, shown below:

set shadow color for object in writer 2013

Figure 2 Set the color of a shadow

Step 2 Select the preferred color and click the OK button.

Step 3 Select the Semitransparent Shadow option in the Shadow Color drop-down menu to meet your personal demands.