How to Align Objects in Document with Writer 2013

In Writer 2013, you can adjust the position of the objects on the page, the size of the objects, and the space among several objects.

You can adjust the alignment of the objects by the Align icon under the Drawing Tools tab, the Picture Tools tab, or the WordArt tab.

Insert the preferred shape, select the shape that you inserted, and open the Drawing Tools tab. Choose the alignment options in the Align drop-down list, shown below:

align object

Figure 1 The Align drop-down list

Align objects

Kingsoft Writer provides six alignment options: Align Left, Align Center, Align Right, Align Top, Align Middle, and Align Bottom.

The following example shows how to align multiple objects:

Step 1 Hold the Ctrl key and select three objects that you want to align:

select multiple object in writer

Figure 2 Select multiple objects

Step 2 In the Drawing Tools tab, select Align Center and Relative to Page options in the Align drop-down list. The effect should look as below:

align multiple object

Figure 3 Align multiple objects