How to Change Object Wrapping Style in Writer 2013

When you insert objects into Writer document, you can adjust the object layouts such as the wrapping style and horizontal alignment. You can change the wrapping style of objects so that the objects and text can display in the best position.

There are two wrapping options: one is in front of the text, the other is behind the text. To apply either of the two options, please take the following steps:

Step 1 Select the object, right-click, and select the Format Object option in the context menu. The Format AutoShape dialog box will open:

object format wrapping style

Figure 1 Set the object format

Step 2 Go to the Wrapping style section under the Layout tab and select Behind Text option:

wrapping style of object

Figure 2 Set the Wrapping style

Step 3 Click OK to exit. The effect is shown below:

set wrapping style of object

Figure 3 An object placed behind text